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    Behind The Purple Curtain...

    Welcome to The Purple Pug. My name is Kristy and I am the founder, designer and creator behind all of the products you see on these shiny pages. I have a serious love for the colorful, the sparkly and the unique. 

    I design and create original Sparkle Sacks, Tooth Fairy Twinkle, Shiny Sacks, Twinkle Totes and am giddy to launch my new lines of Confetti Tees, Twinkle Throws + Spectacular Swaddles. 

    I adore my work + clients, and it means the world to me whenever someone chooses me to create something special for someone they love. Honored. 

    All of my items are one-of a kind and custom made to order. Limited Editions of One:)

    Live life in full color. Don't sweat the small stuff. And, whenever you get the chance, throw the glitter around.


    And...yes...I really do love purple and am crazy for pugs:)